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Way of the cross


Text is written by MYRTLE LANGLEY


AT THE AGE OD THIRTHY-THREE, Jesus was arrested, tortured, and crucified by the Roman authorities who then rules Israel. Christians believe that as he died he „took on himself“ the sins of everyone (all the wrong and evil that, Christians say, is in us and cuts us off from God) so that anyone could be forgiven by God and live with God forever. Three days later, according to the Bible, he rose from the dead.

He appeared to and taught his disciples, then „ascended“ to heaven, returning to his Father.

So for Christians, Christ is a living saviour who has defeated death, not a dead hero. They believe that he helps and guides those who follow him and that he makes it possible for all to share in his victory over death and sin.

Church of Christ


Text is written by MYRTLE LANGLEY


CHRISTIANS BELIEVE that before Jesus ascended to heaven he promised he would send the Spirit of God to be with his followers after he left them. Shortly afterwards, the Holy Spirit descended upon the disciples, who were gathered in Jerusalem, filling them with new boldness and power. They went out and preached that Jesus was the promised Messiah, calling on people to turn away their sins and to be baptized in his name.

They formed a community of faith which continues today – an assembly of baptized believes known as “the church”, guided by the Holy Spirit. The early church spread rapidly from Jerusalem across the Roman empire. Today it numbers nearly two billion members worldwide. Christians see the church as “the body of Christ”, united by faith in him, and called to do his work in the world.

They seek to love God and other people as Jesus did, to spread his teaching, and live as he lived.