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Life and death in Egypt


Text is written by MYRTLE LANGLEY


THE ANCIENT EGYPTIANS had many gods. The chief of them all was the sun god, who was worshipped in many different forms, and seen as responsible for all creation. The other gods each had charge of a different area of life.

Believing that all events were controlled by the gods, Egyptians made many offerings to try to keep them happy, hoping that the gods would bless them.

They tried to lead gods lives so as to be ready for the judgement of the god Osiris, who ruled the heavenly kingdom in which Egyptians wishes to live after death. They pictured this kingdom as a perfect version of Egypt, called "The Felds of Reeds". To get there, the dead had to make a different journey through the underworld, which was called Duat.

If they managed to pass Duat`s monsters and lakes of fire, they faced judgement by Osiris in the Hall of Two Trusts.