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The Hindu way


Text is written by MYRTLE LANGLEY

TO BE A HINDU is to be born a Hindu, and then to follow a certain way of life. The word "Hindu" comes from "Hind", the  old Persian word for India, and Hinduism simply means the religion of the peoples of India. With no founder and no creed, it has evolved over time. As we know it today, it can be compared to a great, deep river into which, over a period of more than 3,000 years, many streams have flowed. The streams are the beliefs and practices of the numerous races, ethnic groups, and cultures of the Indian subcontinent.

Hinduism has many gods, yet, for some Hindus, there is an impersonal  "Absolute" behind them all, called Brahman, creator of the universe.

Brahman "unfolds" into the Trimurti, the holy trinity made up of Brahma, Vishnu the great preserver, and Shiva the destroyer but also the re-creator. Hindus everywhere believe in reincarnation, the individual soul born again in another body.

Life flows on through many existences, from birth through death to rebirth. If people are good in on life, they will be rewarded by being well born in their next life.